(Last updated Aug 2022)

Iā€™m an engineering student at IIT Delhi. My past experience is in cryptocurrency and decentralised tech. I learnt of effective altruism around September 2021, and am now exploring EA-aligned research. I have also completed ML Safety Scholars. Thoughts and interests have updated frequently, and may continue to do so.

I am keen on improving my research and writing capabilities and gaining experience. I am also keen on informal mentoring and advice.

Please find my CV below. I have merged EA CV points and a non-EA CV.

CV: Link to CV

Current topics of interest: better institutions, stable totalitarianism, AI safety and AI safety community building

Currently doing: INFER Pro Forecasting, university community building (tentative)

Graduating: April 2023

Profiles: EA forum, LessWrong

Contact: samuel.da.shadrach@gmail.com